CSR Activities


Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of RAK Ceramics’ business values and we recognize that many of our stakeholders, from site neighbors and employees through to customers and investors, have rising expectations of our corporate responsibility commitment and performance.

While each of our business values has a corporate responsibility context, it is our value of integrity, which guides us to maintain the highest ethical standards wherever we operate. We ensure the health and safety of all our people and minimize our impact on the environment through which we bring corporate social responsibility into our day-today business operations.

There is already a great deal of valuable activity being undertaken within all of our businesses and across our manufacturing sites. However, we have identified and agreed to the need to do more and do so in a more focused manner, as we strive to become the best-in-class standard for all of our activities.

Our values

- We act ethically: We conduct all our activities fairly, honestly and with integrated policies.

- We strive to translate results and improvement: We listen and respond to the needs of our customers, then exceed their expectations, we also strive to improve across all our business parameters

-We value our people: We understand, respect and value personal and cultural differences; we are open and honest in all our dealings with our people

Green production facilities

Our production facilities are equipped with high-efficiency burners that are utilized in all heaters to reduce energy consumption. The efficiency of fuel burning equipment such as generators, kilns, spray driers and horizontal and vertical driers, among others, are fine tuned by highly experienced and competent personnel. Waste heat from tunnel kiln is used in pre-drier in Sanitary ware plant.

Water consumption is regulated and regularly measured and data is recorded. We also analyze trends to quickly detect major leaks and repair damages as soon as possible. RAK Ceramics ensures that through regular preventive maintenance, equipment and devices that use water run smoothly and ensure that they do not consume excessive water.

RAK Ceramics operates several units of effluent treatment plants (ETPs) to recycle and re-use the waste water generated from factories. Moreover, RAK Ceramics’ employees are given extensive training on water conservation awareness to reduce unnecessary wastage of water.

Water conservation

Our operations develop and execute a water management programmed consistent with the Company’s strategy for suitable and quality water supply. Ceramics consider various water management options that may be divided into various groups, making it possible to pinpoint reduction possibilities:

1) Monitoring: Water consumption is regularly measured and checked to prevent unnecessary use. We also analyze trends to quickly detect major leaks and repair damages as soon as possible.

2) Optimization: We see that through regular preventive maintenance, equipment and devices that water is running smoothly and is not used in excess.

3) Reuse and recycling: We operate wastewater treatment facilities to treat and process wastewater and even domestic wastewater to minimize utilization of water resources. RAK Ceramics operates effluent treatment plants (ETP) to recycle and re-use the wastewater generated from factories. All process effluents from the factories are collected in concrete tanks through pipe channels. Owing to the recycle and re-use of in-process wastewater, RAK Ceramics saves around 80 m3 of water per day, and also reduces water pollution.

Solid waste management

We implemented programs to minimize the disposal of waste material into the environment by adopting continuous improvement in waste segregation scheme and recycling programs which includes:

-Segregating hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

-Controlling litter and odors.

-Conducting routine inspections of waste storage areas.

- All kinds of waste is identified and segregated with the use of garbage bins that are classified as: Green garbage bins– provide for residual waste, leftover food, paper, carton, floor sweepings and other waste with no commercial value.

- Blue garbage bins– provide for metals, machine parts and accessories.

- Black garbage bins– provide for contaminated items, expired chemicals and infectious waste from clinics.

Natural resource conservation and pollution control

Minimize depletion of natural minerals; RAK Ceramics has developed the expertise to combine 5-9 types of natural minerals coming from several countries around the globe to minimize the damage on the environment.

Indoor air quality and its effect on office interiors

RAK Ceramics promotes building fit-outs that will provide a healthier indoor environment and more productive workplaces, which also have less negative impact on the environment.

Ventilated facade system

Normal ventilation system is used in the plant that is suitable for local environmental condition.

Energy-saving system

RAK Ceramics ensures that the entire logistics and operations run on the basis of procuring energy-saving systems in terms of office equipment that contributes to an environmental-friendly and socially committed organization.

Focus on creating a happier and more productive workplace

We recognize that our Company will succeed and grow only if we attract and retain the highest quality workforce; engage talented employees dedicated to serve responsive consumers and responsibly fulfilling our Company’s mission and values.

RAK Ceramics is committed to treating its employees well

Life insurance coverage: All employees are adequately covered by life insurance policy to protect against future hazards.

Provident fund and gratuity scheme: The Company maintains a recognized contributory provident fund and an approved gratuity scheme for all employees.

Workers profit participation fund:

The Company maintains workers’ profit participation fund (WPPF) as per the Bangladesh Labour Act 2006.

 Employee welfare fund: Financial assistance is given to the employee and his immediate family members for medical and educational purposes from the Employees’ Welfare Fund maintained by the Company.

RAK Ceramics products

RAK Ceramics is the founding member of the prestigious Emirates Green Building Council that supports and promotes sustainable buildings in the UAE. As part of its commitment to focus on ‘green building’ products, it has launched several exciting and innovative products that contribute to creating a greener and cleaner environment. The Company is proud of its many performance material products, which provide excellent quality and value and often support our customers in reducing the environmental footprint.

Spreading prosperity in the societies we operate in

RAK Ceramics actively promotes and engages in social contribution activities that help strengthen communities and contribute to the enrichment of the society both at the individual level and with group companies. Overall, we invested around BDT 5.74 MN for CSR activities in 2016 that encompass medicine and medical treatment, donations to hospitals and medical units, education, social and cultural activities of our country, distributing the blanket to the poverty stricken people and donations to autistic and differently-abled children organizations.