Technology Details

Tiles Division

The salt & pepper models (GP Series)

These models are full body tiles produced with the utilization of a dosing system. Various types of colour pigments in liquid form are mixed with the slip body in certain proportions by dosing system while simultaneously being fed into the spray drier. The dried clay granules (mixture of colour pigments and clay body) is fed to the Hydraulic Press and Pressed according to the required size. The clay tiles are then dried in the Horizontal Drier and subsequently fired in the Roller Kiln. The mixture of colour pigments creates the salt and pepper effect on the body of the tiles. These models are available in both Unpolished and Polished finishes.

The soluble salt models (GP Series)

Silk screens are used as the source of the designs to be printed on the surface of the clay tiles. Using the printing paste made of alkali or colouring salts, the designs are printed on the proper surface. Soluble salt solution is applied over the printed surface to aid the penetration of the print into the tile body by 2.8 mm to 3.2 mm deep. After the drying stage, the tiles are fired and subsequently polished to obtain the natural marble effect. These products are available in Polished finish only.

The double-charge models (GPD series)

These tiles are produced by a sophisticated technology known as "Double Charged". Multi-coloured powders are used to obtain the typical appearance of a natural marble or granite. The double-charging process is rendered by super imposing a layer of micronized powders, which after pressing, firing and eventual polishing, an aesthetic effect of a natural marble or granite is evolved to a layer of the basic tile body. These models are available in both Unpolished and Polished finishes.

The rustic "GP" tiles

Rustic models are usually made from the basic body granules, pressed with structured punches and enriched with a suitable quantity of glaze and other application materials. To get the natural and elegant look of genuine stone, various types of printing and surface applications are employed, then intermittently sprayed and brushed on the surface thus enriching the natural effect. International shade or colour variation, which is an integral element of the design is likely to be observed. Beside the familiar glazed surface and unpolished finish, these products are also available in Lapato finish.


Historically, architectural designs have been carved from the stones and inspired by these traditional outlook, RAK Ceramics has launched its “Stone Art Tiles Collection”, a perfect mix of rustic finish tiles with contemporary designs that give the collection an elegant look.

“Stone Art Tiles Collection” is influenced by natural stone which is achieved through a 100% Digital Printing Technology by using droplets of colour that can be deposited directly on the tile surface and the color variation with design image pixels can easily be controlled through this technology. The latest printing technology helps to seamlessly create, modify, transmit and apply the graphic design digitally to give it look natural stone like finish.

“Stone Art Tiles Collection” represents a wide range of tiles resembling stones ranging from traditional to contemporary designs, varied patterns with light to dark colours and matching the specification of urban and small town house holds. These tiles are cost effective and easy to maintain as compared to natural stones.

The Stone Art Tiles Collection can be termed as eco-friendly tiles since it is a perfect alternative to natural stones and emphasizes on conserving the environment by avoiding the use of natural resources.


RAK Ceramics’ Wood Art Collection is an exquisite range of tiles, with the look and feel of real wood, but without the maintenance! Available in a wide range of designs and colours, these highly durable ceramic tiles are fire resistant, termite resistant, water resistant and very easy to maintain. Created without harming a single tree, the range is environmentally friendly and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This highly durable wooden series has superior strength and meets all the international quality standards.

Sanitaryware Division

At RAK Ceramics (Bangladesh),our Sanitaryware portfolio features more than 30 models comprising wash basins (mounted and pedestal), water closets,bidets,water tanks,bathroom sets. These are increasingly preferred on account of attractive designs, diverse range and various functional applications.