Company Profile

Our relevance

Infrastructure development and construction are fundamental elements of socio-economic development in Bangladesh, particularly in relation to housing and commercial space, as urban areas expand and aspirations grow.

RAK Ceramics (Bangladesh) is a proactive and resilient organization working in collaboration with all its stakeholders in a focused, constructive and mutually-beneficial manner. It is well-positioned to benefit from some of the structural long-term growth drivers that include urbanization, housing under-penetration, accessibility to financing solutions and a growing aspirational middle-class.

Our business

RAK Ceramics (Bangladesh) is the country’s leading manufacturer and distributor of high-end interior building products.

The Company’s wide range of branded products are made available to all potential and emerging markets of the country through a unified customer sales team and integrated supply chain network that leverages the Company’s scale. We target highest profitability, underpinned by a cost conscious culture, as well as environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles to drive shared value creation.

As an institution with industry leading production capacities that support nation-wide product demand and after sale service, we possess leading positions in our categories and our brands are well-entrenched with consumers in Bangladesh, as illustrated by the percentage share of market.

Our listing

The Company has a primary listing on the Dhaka Stock Exchange, and its operations date back to the year 2000, with incorporation in 1998. The structure of the business in its current state is representative of a UAE-Bangladesh joint venture project.

Over the years, the Company has seen the benefit of partnering with key stakeholders to achieve outcomes that represent ‘win-win’ propositions. In doing so, these relationships contribute towards the achievement of the business’s strategic objectives, while also meeting the objectives of its various stakeholders, including shareholders, government, suppliers, communities, employees and people impacted by the Company’s operations and its developmental activities.

The Company’s approach to working with its key stakeholders continues to support its objective of being considered as the partner of choice in interior building products and solutions.

Our portfolio

The biggest factor that ensures the strongest differentiation for RAK Ceramics (Bangladesh) is its wide product portfolio comprising ceramics and gres porcellanato (porcelain/fully vitrified) tiles, bathroom sets and all types of sanitary ware.  The Company has over 2,500 models active in the ceramic and porcelain tiles business, and regularly introduces new designs that are closely aligned with evolving consumer trends. The Company’s tiles range in sizes from 7.5 X 20 cm up to 80 X 80 cm, straddling the full chain of tiles products in Bangladesh.

The Company has over 41 models of sanitary ware that provides customers with a deep choice. In sanitary ware, various models are produced in wash basins (wall mounted as well as pedestal) and water closets. Besides, the product mix is oriented mostly towards value-added products. This, paired with other structural advantages has ensured sustainable margins with a shrunken payback cycle. Production is mostly consumed in the local markets.

Though the Company has initiated the export of its products, a majority of the output is sold in the domestic markets.

Our credentials

We use the world-class SACMI technology across our operations that ensures excellent product finish and minimal wastages, while incorporating costs that are comparable to the lowest in the industry.

The Company emerged as the first company in Bangladesh the ceramics industry to be awarded the prestigious ISO 9001: 2008 certification by the UKAS accredited internationally-recognized certification agency, BVQI, in May 2006. The Company takes its environmental responsibility seriously, pledging a commitment to protect and preserve the environment. This intent is testified in its ISO 14001:2004 certification. Furthermore, the Company also complies with ISO 13006:2012 (E), the latest international standard for ceramic tiles, locally known as BDS ISO 13006:2012.

The Company’s sanitary ware complies with the quality criteria detailed under BDS 1162:2012. Both tiles and sanitary ware products are BSTI-approved.